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«Tennis Bench»: Editorial. Time for retirement

Keep this in mind, Caroline Wozniacki (29),
David Ferrer (37), Tommy Hass (39), Nicolas
Almagro (33), those are not the number of games that these high profile tennis players won during their professional life. Are the age of retirement. So come on Serena and Venus, it’s time to go home, have a
rest and clear the path for a new wave of talented and athletic players. Anger is a signal of low performance for some emotional players when finding that the body does not respond to the brain commands. That’s what we have to watch in every game of these former stars.
Fitness is the biggest key to success at an older age. All the best players in the world have the shotmaking ability in their 30s to compete with anyone, but a significant drop in fitness can prevent a player from having a chance. Players are training at a very high level, and they are taking care of their bodies like they are machines.
Well, some machines are working slow and have to move more weight than expected so they are close to the finish line. Nothing personal, just the facts!!!

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