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New York (December 31/2020) Cambio Editorial America announced on Friday a merge with Publimedia USA CORP a division of Publimedia International East Europe.  Cambio Editorial 20 years old media and advertising company will provide a new and broader set of services. The announcement was made in their New York branch by Javier Benavides, CEO of Cambio Editorial America and main shareholder of Publimedia USA.

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“I am pleased to announce that Cambio Editorial America Inc. will be combining with the New York, based firm Publimedia USA LLC. The new firm will be a true combination of equals – a joining of two extraordinary firms very similar in size and culture, with practice strengths that are highly complementary and will enable us to provide a new and broader set of services to our clients”. Benavides said.

“Both firms are extremely proud of the quality of their workers, the quality of their work product, and the quality of their service. You can expect from the new firm the same focus, the same high-quality service, and the same team that you have come to know”, Benavides added.

The merger combines two big communications firms in the United States, looking for better training and development, pro bono service, and workforce diversity – qualities that indicate the firm’s commitment to professional excellence in all its forms.

Carolina Angel Carson, VP of Cambio Editorial America, said this is an effort to increase the depth of operations in both companies.


“Since Cambio Editorial America was founded in 1996, we have become one of the country’s preeminent general communications firms. With extraordinary practices in communications, multimedia products, and advertising, we have increased our breadth and depth in our critical work areas with the addition of our European branches” Angel said.

“We hope you will join us in celebrating this major milestone as it provides a tremendously exciting opportunity for you, our clients, and ourselves. We look forward to bringing to you a range of expertise and quality of service unmatched by any other global communications company” the executive added

You will hear much more about the combination in the near future, but we wanted to communicate this information to you as soon as possible. I can’t finish this exciting moment without sharing with all our clients, readers, and subscribers our thankfulness to American Airlines and Sue Kronick for the continued support for more than 12 years to our media outlets and projects in the US and Latin America. Also, a huge recognition among world-famous brands like FedEx, DHL, Lacoste, Citi Bank NY, Dann Carlton Hotels, Fort Lauderdale International Airport, and in general to all our sponsors.

In the middle of Pandemia, we need to keep our hope alive, and sooner all our efforts will bring a new range of community magazines starting with DORAL FIRST MAGAZINE in 2021, CORAL GABLES FIRST and AVENTURA FIRST MAGAZINES in 2023 and 2024. Benavides Concluded.

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