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We have a ton of e-mails from visitors and regulars of CB Smith Park http://www.broward.org/Parks/Pages/Park.aspx?=5 a 299 acres public place located at 900 N Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines with complaints related to the resurfacing of the tennis courts. http://www.broward.org/Parks/Pages/Park.aspx?=5
The complaints are the same in all of them, “almost two months ago the tennis courts were closed for resurfacing and so far the works are really slow and things are pretty weird”.

There are 10 courts needed of maintenance and renovation from a long time ago, the fence was replaced in the first 2 weeks and then the contractor stopped for 3 weeks, with no explanation. After that, in just a weekend (3 days), the contractor resurfaced and paint 4 courts and the face of the tennis complex changed at all. The users were excited thinking they may enjoy the courts, but not. The park manager states that they will not be allowed to use until some kind of inspection be done.
Suddenly, like 2 weeks ago, they allow to use the courts but only for the tennis academy that struggles to survive in the middle of all that mess.
At this time the works are stopped and materials, machines, and the other 6 courts are abandoned. Expensive material for resurfacing, paint, tools and even boots are resting under the boiling sun, waiting for the job to be done.

http://www.cambiohispano.com knew that park manager doesn’t allow benches and or trash cans on the courts. Is it possible for someone to explain to the park administrators that benches are not for decoration of courts, but needed to rest between games especially when temperatures are above 90F?
One more thing: The resurface applied is just 1/16 inch instead of the recommended 2/16. Few weeks after the contractor finished the job, the surface has begun to scratch.
As a neighbor, I know this park from decades ago and I know that administrators have been doing a good job over there, but now, something is wrong, let’s find out!!

Contact us at j.benavides@cambiohispano.com

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