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It looks to me like some restaurants and professionals like dentists and other businesses, not unveiled yet, think that the COVID-19 pandemic is something that customers have to assume as an extra fee or new tax. On top of the raising of prices seen on the menus of most of the local restaurants, they have created the so-called “COVID-19 FEE” an unauthorized tax that pretends to make clients pay for sanitizers and cleaning of their facilities.

The reality with these types of extra charges is that once the clients start paying, they become a part of the budget of the business and there is no way for them to take them off later even if they find sanitizers and cleaners for free.

It’s a simple way to kill their own business in a very risky activity like food manipulation and selling. A recent poll in New York shows that 6 of every 10 regulars do not trust the way that restaurants will handle the food bring to your table.

Now, let’s face it if you are one of those that believe that there is necessary to help the hospitality industry, simply go ahead and leave a voluntary extra tip, but as a voluntary act, not as a new tax. For those owners saying that clients “HAVE TO PAY” a 3% Covid-19 Fee, let me do just a quick recall about how the industry works; restaurants, hotels, and hospitality depends on their clients, this pandemic has made clear that people can live without hamburgers, cortaditos and junk food sold in many places around. Clients don’t depend on restaurants, pubs, cafeterias, and the hospitality industry.

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