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Aventura, a top place to invest in Florida!!!

Located some 18 miles north of Miami in Florida, Aventura might be one of the areas that catches your eye when searching for condos to invest in. Aventura is a planned city, meaning everything within the city was planned from the very beginning. With such a high degree of organization, this city in Florida definitely presents an above average community for anybody wishing to move there.

Are the Condos in Aventura Florida Affordable?

For the past few years, prices for condos in Aventura have been on a roller coaster ride. They could be up one month and down the following.

However, this year, prices have seemed to stabilize, though still maintaining an upward trend for the past few years. At the moment, technology tells us the prices are at a median of the low points and high points according to Miami real estate charts since 2012. If prices become more stable at this level, then it would make investors feel more comfortable in their investment.

The story is somewhat similar for condo rental prices in Miami. Although, unlike sales prices, Aventura rental prices are somewhere at the lowest levels at the moment. For investors, this might be a good sign that rental prices could continue with an upward trend.

So, if you’re wondering if Condos in Aventura are an affordable investment that promise good returns, then the charts are in your favor. Prices are down, which has always been a good buying signal, and rental prices are also at the lower end of the spectrum are getting ready for a rebound.

Besides Statistics, What Factors Contribute to Aventura’s Appeal to Investors?

Karla Primeraño is a Real Estate broker and owner of the prestigious Opuluxe Realty, she is sure that there are many reasons to invest in Aventura with excellent perspectives of return.

“There are quite a number of factors that contribute to Aventura’s appeal. One of the best ones is that Aventura is right besides Miami. It’s only 18 miles away from the city. The price difference for condos between the two cities can also be substantial”.

“Another factor that could contribute to Aventura’s appeal among investors is the community. Did you know that Aventura has one of the largest shopping mall centers in the World? Aventura’s Mall is over 220,000 sqm housing over 300 retail stores for shopping”.

Aventura is also home to The Turnberry-Isle Golf Course that has hosted both LPGA and PGA Championships over the years.

However, the recreational activities that Aventura has to offer isn’t limited to professional golfing. The city has its fair share of parks, such as the Founders Park, Waterways Park, and Veterans Park. Of course, they also share the one thing that Miami is most famous for, its beaches.

Several celebrities that live here include Lenny Kravitz, Matt Damon, O.J. Simpson, Madonna, and Shaq. These are just a few of the rich and famous that live in this destination spot. Take a tour of the celebrities that reside in Aventura’s city limits which is among the popular attractions for the area.

Schools in Aventura Florida

There are several schools that you can find in Aventura. Some of the best include Aventura’s Waterways Preparatory Academy, Ojus Elementary School, and Kalos Music & Art School. They are all top rated schools that focus on the advancement of care, learning, and education.

Aventura Florida Condo Options

Whether you’re looking to invest in condos that breathe the air of luxury, or ones that simply impress but are still very much affordable, Aventura has the exact condo you need.

How long will these condos be on the market? No one really knows. At the moment the prices are due for a rebound, but the number of sales are still at the low end.

In Miami, low sales haven’t prevented the increase in prices, so there’s a good chance that it could be the same story here.


Are Aventura’s Condos smart investment options? Almost everything about Aventura is appealing for both investors and those that are simply searching for a place to establish their roots. So, if you’re looking for a good investment, make sure you take the time to search for great condos in Aventura.

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